Faux Wood Shutters

Faux Wood Shutters

Custom Faux Wood Plantation Shutters

Faux Wood shutters are shutters that are made with durable, yet flexible polyurethane material that resembles the appearance of genuine wood. Faux wood and wood shutters often have the same color, patterns, and designs; and their differences are minute and may not be very visible to the eye.

A number of homeowners intend to go for faux wood shutters as they require less maintenance as compared to the genuine wood ones. They are also equally beautiful, at almost half the price.

If you intend to have the shutters for your property for less; then you should consider having faux wood shutters. We have a number of faux wood selections for you to choose from. We have faux wood shutters from leading manufacturers Palm Beach and Kensington, to name a few.

Why Faux Wood Shutters?

In spite of the number of choices you have for your shutters, faux wood shutters could be an excellent choice. Here’s why:

Resistant to the Elements

Since Faux Wood shutters are made with resistant durable polyurethane material, it is more resistant to moisture, humidity, and possibly damaging effect of changing temperatures. Genuine wood shutters are often less resistant to these elements, making the faux wood ones a good alternative. Some faux wood shutters are also made with dust proof materials, calling for minimal cleaning and maintenance for the same.

Faux wood shutters may either be installed inside or outside the windows, and they function to provide privacy and protection just the same.

Does not deform or resize over time

Faux wood shutters remain as it is over the years. It does not deform or resize over time; even in the midst of challenging weather and environment conditions.

Equally Beautiful for Less

Faux wood are as beautiful as genuine wood shutters. Though there are a lot of differences to these two options, the same may not be noticeable. This is a cheaper alternative for those who intend to have genuine wood shutters for their homes.

If you’re convinced as to the goodness of faux wood shutters, then it’s about time to have them for your windows! Call us today and see how we can help you with your faux wood