Cellular Shades

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Custom Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are energy-efficient yet beautifully design shades that are sure to fit your windows just right. We have a wide selection of cellular shades for your rooms, made by the finest manufacturers in the industry such as Applause, Crystalpleat, and Symphony.

Why Are They Energy-Efficient?

If you’re wondering how and why cellular shades are energy efficient, then you should know that cellular shades lock in heat and cold; providing insulation. With this, you do not have to put your heater on high. This makes the cellular shades an excellent option for those who intend to go eco-friendly.

Aside from being energy-efficient, cellular shades are also effective in promoting privacy to your rooms. No need to have the solid shutters installed outside your window to close by day or night. All you have to do is drop down your cellular shades and you have it.

In spite of being highly functional, cellular shades are nevertheless aesthetically appealing. Since they come in different styles, colors, designs, and textures; you can surely find one that fits the overall theme and feeling of your room. We have a wide variety of cellular shades so surely, you can have one that fits your home perfectly.

We also have cellular shades in many other different options such as bottom up, dual shades, cordless lift, and many others. We also have those that come in custom shapes such as trapezoid, arches, and angled ones, to name a few.

Compared with other window treatments, cellular shades are easy to install. You can actually install this on your own. More so, there are a lot of DIY videos online which should help you in you in installing your cellular shades. In installing this, all you will need will be a pencil, measuring tape, a drill, and screwdriver– soon as you have these, you’re all set!