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Known to be an excellent option when it comes to providing shade and promoting privacy to your room, wood blinds may make for an excellent choice for your window treatment needs. We offer a number of wood blind options; and they come in different sizes that’s sure to suit your window. Our wide array of wood blinds hail from different known brands in the industry. To name a few, we have blinds made by Country Wood, Chalet Wood, Traditions, Royal Wood, and Veneto.

Wood blinds have been known to be excellent window treatment options owing to both its beauty and functionality. Being made with wooden materials, this kind of blinds have a high-end appeal to it, giving out an air of style and elegance in your room.

Wood blinds are also classic options; they never run out of style. With proper care and maintenance to your wood blinds, these window implements may last for years. They can also be made out of different sturdy materials such as oak, cherry, or maple wood. Wooden blinds also come in different styles, colors, and design; so you can surely have one that fits the overall theme and feel of your room.

In terms of functionality, wood blinds could also be very advantageous. If your room happens to be one that’s most exposed to the elements such as the heat of the sun or strong winds, wooden blinds could be the most practical solution to alleviate any inconvenience these elements bring about. Since wood blinds are heavy, it can provide you with the shade and privacy that you need in the midst of strong winds. Since it is made with strong wooden components, there’s nothing to worry about your wood blinds tearing and wearing out after some time; it can work for you for years!

So if you want a window treatment that’s going to be worth the price; go for the wood blinds! We have a number of wood blinds selections for you to choose from! Let us help you complete your room with our wooden blinds!

Options available on Wood Blinds include:

  • Routed or Routless Wood Slats
  • Wand or Cord Tilt
  • Cloth Tape 1 1/2″
  • 3 on 1 Headrail
  • 2 on 1 Headrail
  • Tile Cut Out
  • Wand Tilt