Wood blinds

Looking for some simple yet classy window treatments? Look no further! Our wide selection of wood blinds may be just what you need to give that room a fresh look. Whether you’re looking for a country style with our wide range of wood grains, or a lighter more modern feel with our painted wood, we have wood blinds to fit your style.

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Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Binds.We have a number of wood blinds that suit the country feel of your home. Be at ease and enjoy the shade of a laid-back wood blind installed in your windows. We have blinds made out of durable wood materials that can adapt to the overall feel of your room. A few of our wood blinds are made out of oak, cherry, or maple wood. These wood blinds are colored and designed differently, matching different home themes as well. With proper care, wood blinds may last for years, giving out that air of design and modern elegance to your house.

Faux Wood Binds are made out of synthetic polymers or PVC, or same to the materials used in PVC piping. The best thing about faux wood blinds is that though this kind of blinds may last longer and is made with more durable materials, it is easy to maintain and comes in cheaper prices.

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Aluminum Blinds

If your room intends to promote that industrial feel to it, aluminum blinds may be your best option. The best thing about this kind of blinds option is that it does not require much maintenance as compared to blinds of other materials; not to mention it can last for years and years with minimal maintenance. This kind of blinds could be very ideal for offices, or rooms with minimalist designs.

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